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Locating Devices And Clamping Devices Pdf

locating devices and clamping devices pdf

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Elements of Jigs and Fixtures. Various elements of jigs and fixtures and their details are follows. It may be heat treated to relief the stresses.

Locating N Clamping Devices In Jigs And Fixture

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The purpose of this paper is to clarify the relationship between automated assembly and mass production environments such as the manufacture of cars, airplanes and white goods and methods of modelling and simulation. The paper aims to expand the domain of co operation of different research institutes, universities and companies. The paper focuses on typically, fixture design, which involves the identification of clamp, locator, and support points, and the selection of corresponding fixture elements for their respective functions. In addition, the automation of fixture design activities in manufacturing is an important research area, which aims to achieve the integration of design and manufacturing. The most commonly used methods are pointed out. The paper summarizes the main modelling and simulation methods applied to new fixing and assembly processes. The paper includes implications for the development of a powerful new fixing method applied in the automotive and aerospace industry, which is important for stability and easy change in a rough manufacturing environment.

Locating devices are usually made of casehardened steel and separate from the jig or fixture; accurately ground and accurately positioned in the jig or fixture body. The typical locating devices used for jigs and fixtures are:. In jig and fixture design, it is not always possible to clamp the work directly to either the base or one of the walls of the fixtures, e. Further the presence of chips between the mating surfaces can cause misalignment. In such cases, when the reamed or finely finished holes are available, locating pins may be used for positioning purposes. In the locating pins, the location diameter is made a push fit with the hole with which it engages.

Locating Devices Used for Jigs and Fixtures | Machine Tools | Engineering

The location system in conjunction with the clamping system should completelyconstrain the workpiece or eliminate as many of the six degrees of freedom as innecessary for operation to be completed with required accuracy. A body in this condition had six degrees of freedom, three of these are freedomsof translation and three are freedoms of rotation. The Choice of Location System The requirements of the location system depend upon workpiece before. The Choice of Location System When there is choice of location points the most effective location system must. Face A should be used as datum, so that hole will always be at distance D fromface A irrespective of the variation in length L. The 80 has tolerance of 0.

Locating devices are usually made of casehardened steel and separate from the In jig and fixture design, it is not always possible to clamp the work directly to.

The 3-2-1 Locating Principle

A fundamental concern in metalworking is locating the part to be machined, punched, bent, or stamped relative to the work platform fixture. For example, a CNC machine tool starts its process at a specific point relative to the fixture and proceeds from there. Hence, the accuracy with which a part is machined is quite dependent on the accuracy with which it is positioned in the fixture. Accurate locating of not just one part, but each and every part that is loaded into the fixture is crucial. Any variation in part location on the fixture adds to the dimensional tolerance that must be assigned to the finished parts.

Jigs and Fixtures are critical to repeated manufacturing to with high degrees of accuracy and precision. Jigs and Fixtures hold one or multiple parts in one or multiple machine centers to provide stability and repeatable alignment of the part. A Fixture is a special workholding device that holds work during machining or assembly operations and establishes size dimensions General purpose clamps and chucks are not fixtures or jigs. The location principle is used to ensure that every part placed in the device occupies the same position with respect to the cutting tools. And finally locating the part relative to the first two planes by establishing a third plane perpendicular to the first two planes using a single point.

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Tool Design-3607 Locating Clamping Jigs Completed

Pull-Clamp Mounting Plate. Continue turning the adjustment knob for the clamp arm to go down against the workpiece, for temporary clamping. For unclamping, follow the a bove steps back.


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    ✓ These are special work holding and tool guiding device. ✓ Quality of the performance of a process largely influenced by the quality of jigs and fixtures used for.

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    Directions nine, ten and eleven are restricted by a clamping device. (3 motions). Page Locating Principles and. Devices.

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    LOCATING METHODS AND DEVICES Locators are those parts of a jigs or fixture which helps a work piece to seat in proper position in it. Depend upon type of work, locators are designed. The various locating devices and methods are shown in next.

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