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run and jump defense pdf

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Run and Jump Defense – Complete Coaching Guide

If you would like to subscribe, email me and I will forward your interest on to Coach Mike Neighbors,. Yesterday, I posted some notes on playing the defense. You can see those here: Run and Jump. Once the ball starts to dribble you must get away from the offense, there is no reason to be close you will foul. Offense advances the ball with the pass up the floor, while the defense sprints to the proper position. Put a coach back as a lone defender to prevent the long over the top pass,, as soon as the ball crosses half court he is out of the play. I really like this these drills for the run and jump press.

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Run & Jump Press Vol. 1

If the offense screens — go under or over, — Or… if switching, the screened guy must JUMP inside the screener to prevent the easy inbound Against a good PG — double team the PG with the inbounder. Never give up a straight line drive — need to fan the ball out to sideline, or make them change direction — force sideline then trap, Or — change direction to the middle and then Jump and Run. The trapper only traps the basketball, when the ball cannot see him coming. This is usually when the player is dribbling to the sideline, or when the player is making a change of direction move. Once the ball is dribbled, they go for the trap. Stunt at the ball as if you are coming to trap. If the guy can see you, do not trap.

Our team played a run and jump press defense this past season. In a previous post, I documented the reasons for the switch to run and jump. There are coaches out there that use different principles, and I think we will evolve in our principles. That said, I like the system we used after playing run and jump for a season. Calling them elementary is not to say that they are easy to master. Errors are inevitable in a system like this that requires many quick decisions. The elementary school label is more to demonstrate that they are the core fundamentals, and without them our run and jump system broke down.

Coach Forrest Larson teaches the run and jump press with 10 drills that make the defense easy to teach. The basis of the run and jump is trapping the ball down the sideline and jump-switching in the middle. Coach Larson emphasizes the teamwork involved in executing this man-to-man press. The defense is taught with drill work for the different methods of defending and attacking the inbounds pass to the techniques, strategies, and rules used to defend the ball all the way down the floor. The defense will force your opponent to play at an uncomfortable tempo Order the Simplified Run and Jump Press and use this unpredictable defense to dominate. The Run and Jump Press is an unpredictable full court press that is probably the hardest press for a team to plan to break.

Run and Jump Material

The Versatile Run & Jump Press

Log in or Sign up. Basketballogy Forums. As some of you may have read, here on the forums, I am taking a break from coaching my varsity girls team, and am working with a group of grade boys. I am using this time to try some new ideas offensively and defensively, without the worry that it will confuse my girls or break positive habits that we built this season. I am implementing a Run and Jump, man to man press in place of my traditional full court zone press. That being said I am looking for some suggestions on free material in pdf, video, etc, or material that can be purchased that might have useful Run and Jump breakdowns, explanations, etc.

Currently 4. Get a detailed look at the versatile run and jump defense that has contributed mightily to four straight ICBA state championships! Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Playing a fast-paced, pressure defense can be fun and exciting for your entire team. Running the run and jump defense creates an environment in which you can dictate the pace of the game and utilize a deeper bench if you have one. Bialek demonstrates how versatile you can make the run and jump by combining it with any half court defense.

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Forrest Larson's Simplified Run and Jump Press Defense

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    This full-court defense is best suited for a team of athletes that want to play an uptempo style game.

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