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Analysis And Design Of Cable Stayed Bridge Pdf

analysis and design of cable stayed bridge pdf

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Anand Soni M. S University, Vadodara. C Simoes, J.

International Education and Research Journal

Abstract For longer span, cable stayed bridges are the first choice and to study its behavior under static and vehicle loading is important. Therefore, it becomes essential that the modelling of cable stayed bridge is more realistic and the analysis results are more satisfactory. There are different methods that can be used for structural model but in the present study two different types of structural model viz. Spine Model and Area Object Model are used for analysis of cable stayed bridge. Static analysis and moving vehicle analysis have been done in which IRC Class A vehicle load is applied and their load combination is considered for evaluating the results. The analysis is conducted in CSi Bridge and analysis results are compared with tables and graphs to find out the best structure model for analysis.

Geometric nonlinearity GN and initial internal forces IIFs are the basic characteristics of cable-stayed bridges, but now there is no effective method for analyzing the effect of them on bridge-track interaction of continuous welded rail CWR on cable-stayed bridge. A method for reconstructing the displacement-force curve of ballast longitudinal resistance was put forward according to the deformation of cable-stayed bridges under the completed bridge state. With the multi-element modeling method and the updated Lagrangian formulation method, a rail-beam-cable-tower 3D calculation model considering the GN and IIFs of cable-stayed bridge was established. The results show that the method put forward to reconstruct ballast longitudinal resistance can prevent the impact of initial deformation of bridge and makes it possible to consider the effect of IIFs of cable-stayed bridge on bridge-track interaction. The GN and IIFs play important roles in the calculation of rail longitudinal force due to vertical bending of bridge deck under train load and the variance of cable force due to negative temperature changes in bridge decks and rails with rail breaking, and the two factors can reduce rail longitudinal force and variance of cable force by The cable-stayed bridge can be simplified as a continuous beam bridge with different constraints at different locations, when rail longitudinal force due to positive temperature changes in bridge deck and train braking is calculated. The construction of cable-stayed bridges has been booming since World War II, due to their reasonable force structure, ease construction, elegant shape, and strong span capability.

Bridge is an important part of infrastructure of land transportation, both roadway and railway. In a length of roadway or railway absolutely will pass rivers, valleys, or will pass seperated of roadway or railway intersection. To be able to pass those obstructions, bridges must be build. Bridge construction must be srongth enough to withstand heavy truck which pass over the bridge, must be strongth enough to withstand side wind blow, and must be strongh enough to withstand shake of earthquick. From the materials use, there are known woode bridge, steel bridge, concrete bridge and composite bridge, the bridge consist of steel and concrete. From the system of load distribution to bridge foundation, there are girder bridge and system and truss bridge system, while from the position of traffic, there are known upper traffic bridge and bottom traffic bridge.

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The cable stayed bridge is an elegant, economical and efficient structure. Virtually unknown 40 years ago, these bridges have become increasingly important as their properties have been more fully understood. They have recently proved to be highly cost-effective for short to medium spans. The second edition of this extremely popular book has been updated and enhanced to cover the rapid technological progress in this field. Exceptionally well illustrated, the book examines all aspects of the design of cable stayed bridges.

Interaction between Track and Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge: Recommendations for Calculation

Seismic behaviour of cable-stayed bridges : design, analysis and seismic devices

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Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge for Different Structural Model

The influence of the stiffness of piers, pylons and deck in the behaviour of multi-span cable-stayed bridges under alternate live loads is analysed. The variation of these parameters is discussed considering both a harp cable system and a fan cable system. Different types of connections between pier-pylon and deck are also considered. Based on the behaviour of a three-span cable-stayed bridge, the variation of pier-pylon stiffness and deck stiffness was analysed. A similar state of stress and deflections was obtained for both a three-span and a multi-span cable-stayed bridge. The study shows that the harp type system presents advantages compared to fan type in terms of its behaviour under alternate live loads considering the same values of deck stiffness and pier-pylon stiffness.

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Keywords — Cable stayed bridges, High strength steel, Orthotropic type decks, Suspension bridge. Page 2. International Journal of Engineering and Techniques -.

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Design and Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge

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