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System Software Lab Viva Questions And Answers Pdf

system software lab viva questions and answers pdf

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Ss Lab Viva Questions

Viva Questions 1. What is lex? What is the input to it? What is its output? What is Yacc? What are regular expressions? What is a grammar? What does y. What does lex. Give the regular expression to recognize a word. Anything can be asked 9. Explain the code. Any statement can be asked to be explainedex: yywrap, yylex, yyinetc What is the functionality of input and output functions? How do you parse a command line using lex? What are token definitions? Certain Basic Concepts and Definitions: 1.

What is a Parser? A Parser for a Grammar is a program which takes in the Language string as it's input and produces either a corresponding Parse tree or an Error. What is the Syntax of a Language? The Rules which tells whether a string is a valid Program or not are called the Syntax. What is the Semantics of a Language?

The Rules which gives meaning to programs are called the Semantics of a Language. What are tokens? When a string representing a program is broken into sequence of substrings, such that each substring represents a constant, identifier, operator , keyword etc of the language, these substrings are called the tokens of the Language.

What is the Lexical Analysis? The Function of a lexical Analyzer is to read the input stream representing the Source program, one character ata a time and to translate it into valid tokens 6. How can we represent a token in a language? The Tokens in a Language are represented by a set of Regular Expressions. A regular expression specifies a set of strings to be matched. It contains text characters and operator characters.

The Advantage of using regular expression is that a recognizer can be automatically generated. How are the tokens recognized? The tokens which are represented by an Regular Expressions are recognized in an input string by means of a state transition Diagram and Finite Automata.

Are Lexical Analysis and Parsing two different Passes? These two can form two different passes of a Parser. The Lexical analysis can store all the recognized tokens in an intermediate file and give it to the Parser as an input. However it is more convenient to have the lexical Analyzer as a coroutine or a subroutine which the Parser calls whenever it requires a token. What is the significance of the yywrap function? The yywrap function is executed when the lexical analyzer reaches the end of the input file.

It is generally used to print a summary of lexical analysis or to open another file for reading. The yywrap function should return 0 if it has arranged for additional input, 1 if the end of the input has been reached. What are regular expression?

The following are the most general notations used for expressing a R. Things to remember: 1. If there is no R. E for the input string , it will be copied to the standard output. The Lex resolves the ambiguity in case of matching by choosing the longest match first or by choosing the rule given first. All the matched expressions are contained in yytext whose length is yyleng.

Yacc describes a context free , LALR 1 grammar and supports both bottom-up and top-down parsing. Declarations 2. GrammarRules 3. A token can also have type associated with it for good type checking and syntax directed translation. S non-terminal symbol of a production rule which should be taken as the starting point of the grammar rules. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Ss Lab Viva Questions. Uploaded by Charlie Choco.

Document Information click to expand document information Description: 5th semester VTU system software viva questions. Date uploaded Apr 27, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: 5th semester VTU system software viva questions. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Vivek Chand.

Jose Thomas Painumkal. Gautam Singh. Monish M M. Shahil Mohammed. Anupam Chougule. Saraah Ghori. Kiran Purushotaman. Sanjay Ab. Abhishek Manjunath. Pradyot SN. Vtuworld Vtu. Rocky Krishnan. Neha Chinni. Vishnu Iyengar. Popular in Computing. William Francis Gallant. Bhaskar Sen.

Pon Krithikha. Packt Publishing. Ical Agam. Leonardo De Luca. Sujay Tendulkar. AvA Nations.


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300+ TOP SYSTEM SOFTWARE LAB VIVA Questions and Answers

Lex is a program designed to generate scanners, also known as tokenizers, which recognize lexical patterns in text.

Operating System Interview Question

A list of top frequently asked Operating System interview questions and answers are given below. The operating system is a software program that facilitates computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. It is the most important part of a computer system without it computer is just like a box.

What is a process and process table? For example a Web Browser is a process, a shell or command prompt is a process. The operating system is responsible for managing all the processes that are running on a computer and allocated each process a certain amount of time to use the processor. In addition, the operating system also allocates various other resources that processes will need such as computer memory or disks. To keep track of the state of all the processes, the operating system maintains a table known as the process table.

MCA and CS VTU study material and question papers,lab questions,projects,viva question answers for click here to download all DBMS notes question paper. As.

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In this post, we see Software Testing Interview Questions. Click on the link to get some ideas on how to answer general interview questions. Click here for more details. It helps to record all the changes made in the system and ensures that the system performs as expected even though changes are made over time. Some of the popular configuration management tools are Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Saltstack, etc. If the software is so buggy, the first thing we need to do is to report the bugs and categories them based on Severity. If the bugs are critical bugs then it severely affects schedules and indicates deeper problems in the software development process.

Home Events Register Now About. To determine 6. The What is just a minute JAM? The internal combustion engine converts chemical energy into useful mechanical energy by burning fuel. What is Scavenging?

Viva Questions 1. What is lex? What is the input to it? What is its output? What is Yacc?

Explain system software. It consists of variety of programs that supports the operation of the computer. This software makes it possible for the user to focus on the other problems to be solved with out needing to know how the machine works internally. Eg: operating system, assembler, loader. Explain compiler and interpreter.

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