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Experiment 5: Springs in Series and Parallel

Consider two springs with different spring constants and. Part 1: Determine the equivalent spring constant when the two springs are connected in series. Part 2: Determine the equivalent spring constant when the two springs are connected in parallel. When two springs are connected in series, the result is essentially a longer and flimsier spring. When a force is applied to the combined spring, the same force is applied to each individual spring.

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6.1.2 Hooke's Law

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In mechanics , two or more springs are said to be in series when they are connected end-to-end or point to point, and it is said to be in parallel when they are connected side-by-side; in both cases, so as to act as a single spring:. More generally, two or more springs are in series when any external stress applied to the ensemble gets applied to each spring without change of magnitude, and the amount strain deformation of the ensemble is the sum of the strains of the individual springs. Conversely, they are said to be in parallel if the strain of the ensemble is their common strain, and the stress of the ensemble is the sum of their stresses. Any combination of Hookean linear-response springs in series or parallel behaves like a single Hookean spring. The formulas for combining their physical attributes are analogous to those that apply to capacitors connected in series or parallel in an electrical circuit. The force that each spring experiences will have to be same, otherwise the springs would buckle.

A gram object attaches at one end of a spring and the change in length of the spring is 4 cm. What is the change in length of three springs connected in series and parallel , as shown in the figure below? Known :. Solution :. Determine the equivalent constant :. Spring 2 k 2 and spring 3 k 3 tare connected in parallel. The equivalent constant :.

In mechanics, two or more springs are said to be in series when they are connected end-to-end Print/export. Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Series and parallel springs

Double check the axes before finding the spring constant as the gradient of a force-extension graph. Exam questions often swap the load onto the x-axis and length on the y-axis. Spring constant is the gradient of a force v extension graph.

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    Consider two springs with force constants k1 and k2 connected in series supporting a load F the top spring support mg plus the weight Springs in Parallel.

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    I. OBJECTIVES. To study the relationship of springs connected in series and parallel and determine the equivalent spring constant.

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