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Role Of Nurse In Midwifery And Obstetrical Care Pdf

role of nurse in midwifery and obstetrical care pdf

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Introduction to Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing

CO1: Review the anatomy and physiology of female reproductive system and apply this knowledge in obstetrics and gynaecological nursing practice. CO3: Describe the common drugs used in obstetrics and their effects during pregnancy, labour and puerperium. CO4: Discuss the common obstetrical and gynaecological problems facing women during childbearing and postmenopausal period. CO5: Plan to care women facing health problems associated with antenatal, intranatal and postnatal period. CO6: Demonstrate competency to work with health care professionals to provide nursing care to obstetric and gynaecological patients. CO7: Perform all nursing procedures related to care of women and the neonate during antenatal, intranatal, postnatal and gynaecological period. CO8: Explain the current trends in obstetrical and gynaecological nursing.

Midwifery-led care is a high-certainty, evidence-based strategy to improve maternity care. Midwife-led units MLUs are one example of how the midwifery model of care is being integrated into existing health systems to transform maternal health around the world. To promote global investment in MLUs by describing the benefits, current advances and future directions of this model of care. Renewed commitment to research and the implementation of MLUs across a variety of settings is needed to address the practice, education and policy issues associated with this evidence-based strategy. Maternity care refers to the healthcare provided to women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, and vast advances are required to improve maternal and newborn survival, reduce high rates of maternal and neonatal morbidity, curb over-medicalization of care, and ensure dignity and respect in pregnancy and childbirth. In this paper, we discuss midwifery led units MLUs in the global maternal health context as a strategic way to offer women-centered care and maximize the health outcomes of women and infants.

Introduction to Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing

Theory for Midwifery Practice pp Cite as. Her skills encompass both medical techniques and less concrete abilities to intuit, evoke and channel. Her hands are probably her most precious tools, as she senses, blesses and heals with her touch. The manner in which a midwife assists a birth definitely influences both pleasure and safety. She serves as a mirror, offering appropriate, timely suggestions. She strives continually to reserve judgment and yet speak the truth. Davis, , p.

PDF | Feature 'The time is right for a comprehensive review, not simply able for midwifery-led care during labour and birth obstetrics from where mutual collaboration and resorting to a doctor/nurse game (Stein, ).

Midwife Led Units: Transforming Maternity Care Globally

5.1 Canadian Midwifery Model

The central objective of early prevention in Germany is an improved cooperation between professional groups of the health services and child and youth welfare in interprofessional networks. This objective derives from the realisation that proper care for families with infants can only be achieved if the various groups act in close integration. This integrative review aims to identify the central themes of interprofessional cooperation of midwives in out-of-hospital obstetrical care from national and international research literature.

Midwifery, as known as obstetrics, is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period including care of the newborn ,besides sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. Terminology Midwifery is the knowledge necessary to perform the duties of midwife. Obstetrics is that branch of medicine, which deals with the management of pregnancy, labour and puerperium.

Midwife or midwives are specialists in normal pregnancy and birth. Their role is to look after pregnant women and their babies throughout a phase of antenatal care, during labor and birth, and for up to 28 days after the baby has been born. They provide all necessary professional care and services during normal pregnancy and childbirth.

Midwives have an essential role to play in preparing for and providing sexual and reproductive health SRH services in humanitarian settings due to their unique knowledge and skills, position as frontline providers and geographic and social proximity to the communities they serve. There are considerable gaps in the international guidance that defines the scope of practice of midwives in crises, particularly for the mitigation and preparedness, and recovery phases. We undertook a systematic review to provide further clarification of this scope of practice and insights to optimise midwifery performance.

5.1 Canadian Midwifery Model

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    Their role is to look after a pregnant women and her baby. Midwives provide high quality antenatal and postnatal care to maximize the women's health during and after Maria Katun Mona is a Nursing and Midwifery Expert.

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    Midwifery, as known as obstetrics, is a health science and health profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period including care of the newborn ,besides sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives.

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