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Psychological Contract Breach And Employee Commitment Pdf

psychological contract breach and employee commitment pdf

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Psychological Contract Breach

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Employee perceptions that the organisation is providing what it promised, referred to as psychological contract fulfilment, have been shown to affect outcomes such as job satisfaction e. Turnley and Feldman, and organisational citizenship behaviours e. Hui et al. Rousseau suggests that psychological contracts are best thought of as schema or mental models that can vary in complexity and degree of abstraction. This paper builds on the work of Rousseau by taking this cognitive depiction of psychological contracts to examine how they are influenced by social information and contextual norms Ho,

Eno Maycock , O. N2 - This research aims to critically examine if a relationship exist between employee commitment and their psychological contract - employee beliefs about the reciprocal and promissory obligations between them and their employer in this Nigerian mortgage bank. In this study, it was hypothesized that there is a significant relationship and link between psychological contract violation and employee commitment i. The research followed a quantitative methodology utilising questionnaires and the sample population was made up of full time employees of a Mortgage Bank in Nigeria. One hundred and forty usable questionnaires were received.

Items in EconStor are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. A plethora of researches about the repercussions of workplace bullying has depicted the negative employee emotional reactions, particularly neglecting the rational understanding behind this phenomenon. The current research examines the effect of workplace bullying on organizational work related outcomes. Researchers integrated the social exchange theory, attribution theory and social learning theory so as to suggest and present a model where the inverse association between workplace bullying and organizational commitment is vindicated by psychological contract breach. Furthermore, the positive association between workplace bullying and employee turnover intentions is also explained by psychological contract breach.

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of psychological contract breach on the commitment and behaviors of temporary workers engaged in a multiple agency relationship. The study was performed using a sample of agency workers from the banking sector, which was composed of worker—supervisor dyads. The results also indicated that only commitment toward the client organization influenced the adoption of discretionary behaviors. Understanding of the potential influence of the multiple psychological contracts of temporary workers helps to fully understand the reactions of these workers.


The goals of this study are to contribute to the understanding of the development of organizational commitment and to explore the relations among psychological contract fulfillment, organizational commitment, and job performance. This paper reports the findings of a longitudinal quanti-qualitative study conducted with newcomers over three years. The last one is originally proposed in this study, and it is represented by individuals who began work highly committed to the organization, but then their commitment levels decreased dramatically over time. We discuss some characteristics associated with these trajectories. Our results corroborate the assumption that psychological contract fulfillment is positively related to commitment.

Fairness in the Workplace pp Cite as. Psychological contracts have become one of the most researched constructs in organizational behavior and industrial psychology. One reason for the interest in this construct is the changes in employment relationships in the Western world. Psychological contracts seem to have become a substitute for obsolete organized union relationships. From a research point of view, disappointment with the relatively low predictive power of established attitudes such as organizational commitment for explaining workplace behaviors has led scholars to look for other constructs that are better predictors of how employees behave in the workplace Cohen, Psychological contracts constitute one of these constructs. Unable to display preview.

Psychological contract breach PCB may trigger negative attitudes in employees and ultimately cause further negative behaviors. By drawing on social exchange theory, this study aims to explore the link between PCB and counterproductive work behavior CWB by focusing on the mediating role of organizational cynicism and work alienation. We administered a cross-sectional survey of energy company front-line employees.

This paper aims to study the impact of psychological contract breach and employee stress on job outcomes such as job involvement and organizational citizenship behaviour in the Indian banking sector, with special reference to State Bank of India. A questionnaire survey was administered. Data was collected from employees of a bank, which has undergone a merger.

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