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Simple Stress And Strain Pdf

simple stress and strain pdf

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Stress and Strain-Definition, Curve or Diagram, Formula, PDF

Stress and Strain is the first topic in Strength of Materials which consist of various types of stresses, strains and different properties of materials which are important while working on them. As particular stress generally holds true only at a point, therefore it is defined mathematically as. If the force applied are perpendicular or normal to areas concerned, then these are termed as normal stresses. The normal stresses can be either tensile or compressive depending upon the direction of the load. Such forces are associated with a shearing of the material, are known as shear forces. The stress produced by these forces are known as shear stresses.


The Tensile stress is like pulling the material on each side or might one side as figures shown below,. The Compressive stress is like pushing the material on each side or might one side as figures shown below,. The figure is shown below,. They have the tendency to hold the deformation that occurs in the plastic region. A material is brittle if, when subjected to stress, it breaks without significant plastic deformation.

Stress and Strain

Strength of Materials by

The basic unit of stress is the Pascal Pa which is Newton per square metre.

Book on Mechanics of Materials(Simple Stress and Strain)

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Fundamentals of Biomechanics pp Cite as. An object subjected to an external force will move in the direction of the applied force. The object will deform if its motion is constrained in the direction of the applied force. Deformation implies relative displacement of any two points within the object. The extent of deformation will be dependent upon many factors including the magnitude, direction, and duration of the applied force, the material properties of the object, the geometry of the object, and environmental factors such as heat and humidity. Unable to display preview.

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    The simplest type of load (P) is a direct pull or push, known technically as tension or compression. Foxit Advanced PDF Editor · To remove this notice, Modules of rigidity. For elastic material shear strain is proportional to the shear stress.

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