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Mechanical Sensors And Actuators Pdf

mechanical sensors and actuators pdf

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Electromechanical sensors and actuators pdf free download. Author: Ilene J. Book Description: Unlike other treatments of sensors or actuators, this book approaches the devices from the point of view of the fundamental coupling mechanism between the electrical and mechanical.

Electromechanical Sensors and Actuators

Many if not all MEMS devices could be described as being either a sensor or an actuator. Accelerometers and gyros are sensors because the convert the non-electrical input "acceleration" or "angular velocity" into electrical signals - and that's what sensors do. The DLP Chip is an actuator because it converts electrical signals to mechanical displacements of mirrors. It is thus a good idea to take a general look at some of the principles of sensors and actuators incorporated in MEMS devices. Let's look at sensors first.

Mechanical sensor technologies have been reviewed, inter alia, in a monograph 1. Comprehensive descriptions of the principles of sensors for mechanical quantities are available in the literature 2,3. The basic principle of mechanical sensors relies on the mechanical deformation of a device which is translated into an electrical signal. The mechanical deformation can be measured in a number of ways, such as piezoelectricity, change in the electric resistance with the geometry, change in the electric capacity, and changes in the resonant frequency of vibrating systems. A mechanical sensor has been described that is manufactured from a polymer film.

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Polymeric Sensors and Actuators by

Robotics pp Cite as. In this chapter, two basic robot components are treated: actuators and sensors. In the first part, the features of an actuating system are presented in terms of the power supply, power amplifier, servomotor and transmission. In view of their control versatility, two types of servomotors are used, namely, electric servomotors for actuating the joints of small and medium size manipulators, and hydraulic servomotors for actuating the joints of large size manipulators. The electric servomotors are also employed to actuate the wheels of the mobile robots, which will be dealt with in Chap. Successively, proprioceptive sensors are presented which allow measurement of the quantities characterizing the internal state of the manipulator, namely, encoders and resolvers for joint position measurement, tachometers for joint velocity measurement; further, exteroceptive sensors are presented including force sensors for end-effector force measurement, distance sensors for detection of objects in the workspace, and vision sensors for the measurement of the characteristic parameters of such objects, whenever the manipulator interacts with the environment. Unable to display preview.

The class of mechanical sensors includes a fairly large number of different sensors based on many principles, but the four groups of general sensors discussed.

Actuators and Sensors

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Make Submissions Propose a Special Issue. Download PDF. The piezoelectric layer can be used as a sensor or actuator. A pure mechanical load or electric potential are prescribed on the top of the laminated plate.

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Polymeric Sensors and Actuators by


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