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Recognition Of States And Governments In International Law Pdf

recognition of states and governments in international law pdf

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Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Vol. 4

Although states are not the only entities with international legal standing and are not the exclusive international actors, they are the primary subjects of international law and possess the greatest range of rights and obligations. Unlike states, which possess rights and obligations automatically, international organizations, individuals, and others derive their rights and duties in international law directly from particular instruments. Individuals may, for example, assert their rights under international law under the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights , both of which entered into force in The process of creating new states is a mixture of fact and law, involving the establishment of particular factual conditions and compliance with relevant rules. The accepted criteria of statehood were laid down in the Montevideo Convention , which provided that a state must possess a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to conduct international relations. The need for a permanent population and a defined territory is clear, though boundary disputes—e. The international community including the UN has recognized some states while they were embroiled in a civil war e.

This article discusses the recognition of a state under the International Law and modes, theories and forms of recognition of State. The international community is the community of sovereign states at an international platform. For any state to enjoy the rights, duties and obligations of international law and to be a member of the international community, recognition of the entity as a state is very important. Only after recognition of the entity as a state, it becomes acknowledged by other states who are a member of the International Community. International law considers the act of recognition as an independent act of the existing statehood community. It the acknowledgement by the existing state that a political entity has the characteristics of statehood. Click Here.

Recognition of governments in International Law (Third ILA Report)

This makes the Venezuelan case an interesting testing ground for democratic legitimacy as a criterion for recognition of governments. Ralph Janik analysed in this blog the statements of recognition issued by European States and concluded that these were intended as mere political support for the opposition and, as such, as not being legal in nature. In this post, we consider some of this evidence. Having assessed whether the acts of recognition were legal rather than political, we can turn, in our conclusion, to consider what the Venezuelan situation means for democratic legitimacy as a criterion for the recognition of governments in international law. In the past 25 years, there has been increased interest in the role of democratic legitimacy in the practice of recognition of governments and in particular whether, in addition to effectiveness, democratic legitimacy constitutes a distinct criterion for the legal recognition of governments. Cases like Haiti or Sierra Leone generated much controversy as a result of the fact that the international community sided with an ousted yet legitimate government i.

recognition of states and governments in international law pdf

Democratic Legitimacy and Recognition

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Recognition in International Relations pp Cite as. Much recent scholarship has identified the striving for recognition as a common denominator of political conflicts at all levels e. Honneth, ; Lindemann and Ringmar,

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Reconceptualizing Recognition of States and Governments


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