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Tongue And Groove Flange Dimensions Pdf

tongue and groove flange dimensions pdf

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One flange would have a raised ring which is the tongue and the other will have a groove or depression. These will fit tight when the flanges are put together. The tongue and groove flange manufacturers produce different standards and pressure classes of these, such as the large tongue and large groove flanges and the ASME B

ANSI / ASME B16.5 Tongue and Groove Flanges

Customary units, with diameter of both bolts and flange bolt hole expressed in the unit inches. We are one of the largest tongue and groove flange manufacturers. You can mail to sales skylandmetal. All rights reserved. ASME B

ANSI B Our Alloy Steel Tongue and Groove Flange range is catering to the requirements of various industries and is ideal for use at high pressure, and varied cold or hot temperatures. We Offer Latest Technical Advancements and carry well maintained inventory ready for fastest delivery to any location. Carbon Steel Tongue and Groove Flange is fabricated with the wall thickness having the same dimensions of the matching pipes. Packaging: Tongue And Groove Flange is sleeved into plastic bag individually, ten pieces wrapped with water-proof material, bundled with nylon rope. Clear labels are tagged on the outside of the package for easy identification of the quantity and product I.

Stainless Steel Tongue And Groove Flange Manufacturer in India as per ASME/ ANSI B16.5

We are an ISO enterprise that engages in providing quality piping solutions through ground-breaking innovation and hard work. The Groove Flange is produced with a matching depression machined onto its face. In order to have a watertight connection, it is important to match the faces of these flanges. Instantly, they are free from any corrosion. C , , , , ,

Check Schedule Chart Of ANSI B Tongue And Groove Pipe Flanges, Compare Prices Before You Buy MSS SP Stainless Steel Tongue And Groove​.

Tongue And Groove Flange Manufacturers

Materials of Tongue and Groove pipe flanges are stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex and super duplex, nickel alloy, Inconel tongue, incoloy tongue and groove flange and many more. Applications where this is mostly used are in ship building industry. The grades of this includes in sections depending on materials.

Tongue And Groove Flange Gasket Dimensions

Tongue-and-groove facings are standardized in both large tongue and groove flange and small tongue and groove flange, different from male-and-female in that the inside diameters of the groove and tongue do not extend into the flange base, thus retaining the gasket on its inner and outer diameter. Our offered Tongue and Groove flange applications are commonly on pump covers and Valve Bonnets. Tongue and groove joints also have an advantage in that they are self-aligning and act as a reservoir for the adhesive. The scarf joint keeps the axis of loading in line with the joint and does not require a major machining operation. General flange faces such as Tongue and Groove flange shall never be bolted together because of there contact surfaces do not match and there is no tongue and groove flange gasket that has one type on one side and another type on the other side. C , , , , ,

We have Skilled staff to maintain the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process from selection of raw material to processing, marking, packaging, storage, and transportation. Sometimes we also accept Third Party Inspection appointed by our clients. Mail: exports mpjainco. We are live and ready to solve any query and received all small or large quantity orders.

One flange has a tongue or protrusion on one end and a depression on the other end, respectively known as the tongue and groove. These parts align with each other on two different flanges. These are used in systems where the alignment and installation of pipes are difficult.

Tongue & Groove Flanges

The reason for this is that the contact surfaces do not match each other. And there is no gasket that has one type of flange face on one side with another type on the other side. For e. Heavy oil refineries.

ANSI / ASME B16.5 Class 150 Tongue and Groove Flange Manufacturer

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    Thickness and length through hub do not include 1/4" raised face. Bore Chart. Revised 64 For male and female or tongue and groove flange faces.

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