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Solitons And Nonlinear Wave Equations Dodd Pdf Writer

solitons and nonlinear wave equations dodd pdf writer

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Published: 16.04.2021

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Metrics details. This model describes the propagation of moving two-waves under the influence of dispersion, nonlinearity, and phase velocity factors. We seek possible stationary wave solutions to this new model by means of Kudryashov-expansion method and sine—cosine function method. Also, we provide a graphical analysis to show the effect of phase velocity on the motion of the obtained solutions. Stationary wave solutions for nonlinear equations play an important role in understanding many mathematical models arising in physics and applied sciences. These solutions were developed and categorized to fit many physical learned aspects see [ 1 ].

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The interest in nonlinear physics has grown significantly over the last fifty years. Although numerous nonlinear processes had been previouslyidentified the mathematic tools of nonlinear physics had not yet been developed. The available tools were linear, and nonlinearities were avoided or treatedas perturbations of linear theories. JohnScott Russell carried out many experiments to obtain the properties of this wave. The theories which were based on linear approaches concluded that thiskind of wave could not exist. The controversy was resolved by J. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Moreover, soliton molecules can become asymmetric solitons when the distance between two solitons of the molecule is small enough. Finally, we obtained some novel types of hybrid solutions which are components of soliton molecules, lump waves, and breather waves by applying velocity resonance, module resonance of wave number, and long wave limit method. Some figures are presented to demonstrate clearly dynamics features of these solutions. Solitons as localized nonlinear waves exhibit many interesting properties [ 1 ]. In particular, solitons can form stable bound states known as soliton molecules, which have been observed experimentally in some fields [ 2 — 8 ]. For the first time, soliton molecules were experimentally observed in dispersion-managed optical fibers [ 2 ].

solitons and nonlinear wave equations dodd pdf writer

Academic Editor: Laurent Raymond Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kotera-Sawada equation are derived by -soliton solutions Solitons as localized nonlinear waves exhibit many interesting properties [1]. solutions for some local or nonlocal nonlinear evolution equations (NLEEs) have been PDF Download Citation Citation.

Study of Functional Variable Method for Finding Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

The aim of this paper is to obtain the exact solutions of the strain wave equation applied for illustrating wave propagation in microstructured solids. The effective Kudryashov and functional variable methods along with the symbolic computation system have been used to accomplish the purpose. The search for the exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential quations PDEs has been one of the most important concerns of mathematicians throughout the world for a long time.

A direct method, called the functional variable method, has been used to construct the exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations NLEEs in mathematical physics. The obtained solutions contain an explicit function of the variables in the considered equations. It has been shown that the method provides a powerful mathematical tool for solving NLEEs in mathematical physics and engineering fields without the help of a computer algebra system. On the functional variable method for finding exact solutions to a class of wave equations.

It is given to very few in science to be able to say, as could J. Scott Russell in , that one has discovered a wholly new natural phenomenon. Lord Russell's report on his observations of a solitary hydrodynamic wave in the windings of a Scottish barge canal is a splendid example of both such a discovery and of nineteenth-century scientific writing, and is well worth reading to this day Russell , His wave was the celebrated surface soliton of elevation, with only a single hump being reported.

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Advances in Mathematical Physics

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Exact Solitary Wave and Periodic Wave Solutions of a Class of Higher-Order Nonlinear Wave Equations

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Nonlinear Processes in Physics

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    We study the exact traveling wave solutions of a general fifth-order nonlinear wave equation and a generalized sixth-order KdV equation.

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    Request PDF | Exp-function method for nonlinear wave equations | In this paper, November ; Chaos Solitons & Fractals 30(3) The modified KdV equation and Dodd–Bullough–Mikhailov equation are chosen we will write the Van der Pol equation as the following forms: and we will give.

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    By considering the ansatz method, the authors successfully construct the bright and dark soliton solutions of the equation.

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    PDF | The extended tanh method is used to derive abundant solitary wave traveling and solitary wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equations have IJNS email for contribution: [email protected] [23] Wazwaz, A.M.:​The tanh method: solitons and periodic solutions for the Dodd–Bullough–​Mikhailov.

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    Recent Advances in Solution Methods for Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Fluid the Lax equation, the Sawada-Kortera (SK) equation, the Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon and the SK equation are completely integrable and possess -soliton solution. We investigate the traveling wave solutions of the nonlinear wave equation (1).

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