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Enflo Regional And Industrial Growth Patterns In 20th Century Western Europe Pdf

enflo regional and industrial growth patterns in 20th century western europe pdf

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In this chapter, I estimate French regional gross value added per capita in constant terms between and , to better understand regional inequalities within the country and to allow comparison with other European regions. To this end, I develop a novel regional income estimation model, where income is specified as a function of shifts in sectoral employment structure. Its conceptual basis is uncontroversial, its data requirements are low, and it withstands robustness checks. Caruana-Galizia, P. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here.

The credit system in the growth process of post-World War II Italy has often been dismissed as a waste of money or ancillary to industrialization at best. This paper provides evidence of both an industrialization strategy driven by credit deepening and the beneficial role played by credit systems in growth. By using a new data set of long-run loans to industrial manufacturing sectors, broken down by area, we find in the long run a strong and positive effect of credit deepening on the value added per worker in the Italian economy during the Golden Age — The role of financial intermediation in the growth process is a matter for debate in the economic literature. A developed financial sector can stimulate economic growth in several ways: optimal allocation of savings, reduction of risk, promotion of competition, and enhanced capacity for firms to finance investments in physical capital and technology. Historical studies have also confirmed that the financial sector encourages growth Rousseau and Wachtel, , especially in the early stages of development Rousseau and Sylla, , and that very often financial revolutions lead up to a boost for the leading economies Sylla, ; Rousseau,

Explaining regional inequality from the periphery: The mexican case, 1900-2000

Gender discrimination — in the form of sex-selective abortion, female infanticide and the mortal neglect of young girls — constitutes a pervasive feature of many contemporary developing countries, especially in South and East Asia. Although the conventional narrative argues that there is little evidence for this kind of behaviour here , my research shows that this issue was much more important than previously thought, especially but not exclusively in Southern and Eastern Europe. It should be noted first that historical sex ratios cannot be compared directly to modern ones. The biological survival advantage of girls was more visible in the high-mortality environments that characterised pre-industrial Europe. Subsequently, boys suffered higher mortality rates both in utero and during infancy and early childhood.

Start Search. Search Results. Hits on this site 0 All results within Lund University This thesis deals with various aspects of growth, convergence and technological change, all analysed from an empirical perspective. A common theme throughout the six chapters is the analysis of economic historical questions of productivity….

Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Paul M Romer, Barro, R. Robert J. Barro, Robert J.

enflo regional and industrial growth patterns in 20th century western europe pdf

18th century

This study examines the factors that shaped the long-term evolution of the information and communication technology ICT industry in Sweden, — Using a new historical microdatabase on actual innovation output, the driving forces and technological interdependencies in the third industrial revolution are chronicled. The results of this study support some stylized facts about technological Interdependencies in general-purpose technologies: a closely knitted set of industries has provided positive and negative driving forces for the development of ICT innovations. The historical evolution of GPTs can in this perspective be described as a sequence of development blocks.

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In many countries, regional income inequality has followed an inverted U-shaped curve, growing during industrialization and market integration and declining thereafter. By contrast, Sweden's regional inequality dropped from to and did not exhibit this U-shaped pattern. Accordingly, today's regional income inequality in Sweden is lower than in other European countries.

18th century

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1. Introduction

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Estimating French Regional Income: Departmental Per Capita Gross Value Added, 1872–1911

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