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Single And Double Loop Learning Pdf

single and double loop learning pdf

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Double-loop learning entails the modification of goals or decision-making rules in the light of experience. The first loop uses the goals or decision-making rules, the second loop enables their modification, hence "double-loop".

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Double-Loop Learning: A Concept and Process for Leadership Educators

Double-loop learning is an educational concept and process that involves teaching people to think more deeply about their own assumptions and beliefs. Double-loop learning is different than single-loop learning which involves changing methods and improving efficiency to obtain established objectives i. Double-loop learning concerns changing the objectives themselves i. Single-loop and double-loop learning are readily understood using the analogy of a household thermostat. Single-loop learning is about achieving a given temperature—like a thermostat set to 68 degrees that turns up the heat whenever the temperature drops below 68 the objective.


Chris Argyris has made a significant contribution to the development of our appreciation of organizational learning, and, almost in passing, deepened our understanding of experiential learning. Army eventually becoming a Second Lieutenant Elkjaer He graduated with a degree in Psychology Whyte in As well as making a significant contribution to the literature Chris Argyris was known as a dedicated and committed teacher. Argyris was also a director of the Monitor Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

single and double loop learning pdf

This paper explores the concept of single-loop and double-loop learning processes, as innovation, and its relationship and influence on change.

Double Loop Learning in Organizations

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Chris Argyris: theories of action, double-loop learning and organizational learning

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